LEGO THE INCREDIBLES Game Launches Alongside The Incredibles 2

Easily one of the best family friend, co-operative game developers are the ones behind the various Lego games and its about time we got a new one announced! Fans of the 2004 Pixar movie The Incredibles already knows of the upcoming The Incredibles 2 movie and are most likely waiting impatiently for its launch on June 15th.

The news just gets better as that date approaches because Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced their latest game Lego The Incredibles with a trailer that ends with the launch date set for June 15th on the PC, PS4, XB1, and Switch! Get hyped with the trailer:

The game is going consist of scenes from both The Incredibles movies, so if you don't want any spoilers before the movie then you will want to watch it first. I don't think I will mind playing through some of the new scenes, even before I watch the movie, but to each their own.

Either way, I am looking forward to playing as Elastigirl and Dash the most. I've always been a fan of speedy characters, but I don't think I have played as a character that can stretch like Elastigirl will be able to. It's always fun when you get to play with new game mechanics. Which will you doing first: watching The Incredibles 2 or playing Lego The Incredibles?