Limited Run Games Confirms E3 Press Conference!


Love em or hate em, Limited Run Games is a company that has let many digital only games see the light of day as physical releases across the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, PC and Nintendo Switch. Last year at E3 2018 Limited Run Games used the show as an opportunity to announce 18 titles that they would be giving physical releases for. Now as companies like Sony and EA have pulled out of doing dedicated press conferences at E3 2019, Limited Run games has announced that they will indeed be showcasing another pre-recorded conference.

It has been noted by the company that they still have a couple of Vita games in the pipeline so there will still be some love for the discontinued system. Though I expect most of the announced titles to be coming out on Switch as the Switch has become the platform of choice for indie developers over the last 2 years. E3 2019 will commence June 9 - 13 with the show floor being open the 11 - 13.

What games are you hoping to see get a physical release through Limited Run Games? share your lists below!