Linksys' New Router Guarantees Bandwith Puts Gaming And Streaming First


Finally, a gaming router has been created that knows how to accurately delve out bandwidth to WHAT MATTERS! Jokes aside it can be frustrating to have an excessive amount of lag during a gaming session because everyone in your family is getting the same amount of internet speed refreshing their Facebook pages on mobile every five seconds while you're trying to win a round with your team. 

Those problems appear to be a thing of the past as Linksys unveils the WRT32X Gaming Router. Take a look at the video below for a brief breakdown of what it does and continue reading:

A ping reduction of 77% is quite substantial, and something every gamer will feel when they're playing online. That Network Killer technology is also awesome for Netflix in case you need to convince a non-gamer in your house to drop the $300 it'll cost to pick up this bad boy come September. Pre-order it at the link below.

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