Madmind Studio Announces Agony Spin-Off Game, SUCCUBUS

After finally releasing the desired Unrated version of Agony, which got a much more positive review than the original Agony game, Madmind Studio wanted to keep the grotesque adventure through hell going. To do so, they have announced their newest upcoming title Succubus with an official concept gameplay video and its own Steam page.

In this Agony spin-off game, you will be in control of a Succubus whose goal is to take reclaim their kingdom, rather than the original goal of escaping hell by any means necessary. Check out the official video:

I think putting the players back in the setting that was the main reason they were excited to play Madmind’s original title, but giving them an offensive goal instead of a defensive one is just plain brilliant! This will allow us to take a much more eventful stroll through the dark underworld and do exactly what everybody can’t wait to do; cause chaos and mayhem through the depths of hell.

Get your diabolical laugh ready, because Succubus is looking to put your worst traits to use as you slaughter your way back to the top seat in hell!