Man Gets To Level 100 On Destiny Islands In KINGDOM HEARTS


I love Kingdom Hearts. It’s probably my favorite game on PlayStation and I’ve been impatiently awaiting Kingdom Hearts III. I also hate Destiny Islands. For those who haven’t played Kingdom Hearts, Destiny Islands is the starter level that acts as a prolonged tutorial so you can learn the controls. There’s really not much to do on this level, and it always takes longer than you want it to. That’s why it is so incredible that AaroneousGaming spent 210 hours grinding on this level to get Sora all the way to Level 100.

Although I love the game, I’ve never done enough grinding to get to Level 100, let alone getting to Level 100 on Destiny Islands. I can only imagine my sanity taking a huge hit if I were to do that. Of course, I bet the rest of the game was a piece of cake for him though. You can hear him at the triumphant moment when Sora reaches Level 100 and he sounds so relieved. There aren’t that many ways to gain experience on this first level (I think there are four tasks you can do) so all the power to Aaroneous for his dedication. You can follow him on Twitch and Twitter for more of his gaming streams and updates.