Mercy Puts On Her Stethoscope In This Awesome OVERWATCH Cosplay

If you read the Overwatch lore you know that Mercy is actually a doctor when she's not keeping you alive! Dr. Angela Ziegler, as she's called, became a member of Overwatch when the team took notice of her life-saving technology that saved thousands of lives worldwide. While we know from the lore Ziegler is a doctor, we have yet to see a doctor skin in-game! Thanks to Shappi Workshop, we now have an idea of what that would look like!

Shappi has appeared on the site before and is the same Mercy you'll see plastered all over the web in cosplay! Her latest doctor variant costume can be seen below, as well as a few other pictures and a video showcasing her Mercy costume. Keep up the great work Shappi! Be sure to check out her talented photographers as well: Lewandowski Photography, Studio Zahora, and Konwenty Poludniowe!