Ultimate POKEMON Battle Roster: Generation VII

This last November, we saw the release of Pokemon’s 7th Generation in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. While many Pokefans I’m sure have completed their Pokedex, some of us are still working on it after getting it for Christmas. Either way, if you want to find the best Pokemon from this generation, read on.

HP: Bewear
This adorable red panda kind of Pokemon has the highest HP out of the new Pokemon. Sadly, this is lowest HP stat reported for the HP portion of any of the generations. Its attack stat is nothing to sneeze at though when combined with the HP. This little bear can pack a punch and take a beating.

Recommended Moves:
Superpower: Strong move + STAB, just be careful since the Defense and Attack stats are lowered.

Façade: Decently strong move that becomes twice as strong if Bewear suffers a status condition such as BURN

Giga Impact: Extremely Powerful + STAB, just watch out for the recharge turn

Double Team: Good if you’re playing a more defensive role making it harder for your opponent to hit you

Toxic: Always a great move to use since the poison damage increases each turn

Dragon Claw: Gives a bit of move variety to fight the Ghost-types

Attack: Dhelmise
Not my favorite design for a Pokémon, but one of the better inanimate object based options. Technically Crabominable beats Dhelmise by 1 point in attack, but Dhelmise is more well-rounded.

Recommended Moves:
Power Whip: Strong + STAB. Not the most accurate move so you may want to hope your opponent doesn’t use Double Team

Anchor Shot: Strong move that keeps your opponent from fleeing, not too bad, especially after you’ve weakened one of their key monsters

Phantom Force: Strong, STAB, and you avoid getting hit for a turn. In addition, you can hit them even if they use that pesky Protect.

Protect: Give yourself a turn to figure out your strategy when you don’t know what else to do. You only get one turn to think.

Swords Dance: Increase your strong attack stat for devastating damage

Defense: Golisopod
This guy looks awesome! Also, if your opponent surprises you with an unexpected move, Golisopod automatically switches out when greatly damaged. With a strong attack to boot, this is a scary Pokemon.

Recommended Moves:
Liquidation: Strong STAB move with potential to drop your opponent’s defense

Iron Defense: Increase your physical defenses with ease, just be careful because Emergency Exit will reset the increase

X-Scissor: Strong STAB move

Furry Cutter: STAB move. Doesn’t do too much at first but each consecutive hit doubles damage making this a worthwhile move

Poison Jab: Decent strength with the chance to poison your opponent

Toxic: Higher chance to poison your opponent, just no initial damage

Leech Life: I couldn’t believe it when I found out how much of a buff this move got but it is now strong with STAB and you get half of the health back to keep you in the fight longer.

Special Attack: Vikavolt

Another awesome looking Bug-type Pokemon. Sun and Moon made me want to be a Bug-type trainer. The Bug/Electric combination is nothing new, but this one looks better and has Levitate so Ground-type attacks do nothing to you.

Recommended Moves:
Thunderbolt: Strong move + STAB that Vikavolt learns when he evolves

Bug Buzz: Strong Bug move + STAB to fight Psychics and Dark Pokemon. Also, has a chance to reduce your opponent’s Special Defense

Double Team: Vikavolt doesn’t have ideal HP, Def, or Sp Def so some added evasion is always a nice thing to have

Light Screen: Boosts Sp. Defense to help you hold on a little bit longer

String Shot: The Achilles heel of Vikavolt is his Speed which is surprising. So why not try to bring your opponent down to your speed, or slower

Agility: An option if you’d rather raise your Speed than drag down theirs, or use both to get a bigger upper hand.

Special Defense: Toxapex
This is a Pokemon that can take a hit. It has the highest Defense and Special Defense out of the new Pokemon, but be warned because its other stats are not good. Your opponent will need a lot of PP to really take Toxapex down.

Recommended Moves:
Baneful Bunker: Think Protect but if your opponent uses a physical attack they get Poisoned.

Toxic Spikes: Deter your opponent from switching Pokemon for fear of Poisoning their ace

Toxic: Use your defense to your advantage and let the Poison kill your enemies.

Venom Drench: Once their poisoned, put the hurt on by lowering their stats

Recover: You don’t have a lot of health but if you keep healing, it’ll drive your opponent insane

Liquidation: Strong + STAB for a more offensive approach

Speed: Ribombee

Our 3rd Bug-type on this list! Use its Speed to your advantage to get the first strikes against the enemy and use Special Attacks when going on the offense.

Recommended Moves:
Pollen Puff: Strong + STAB. If you’re in a team battle this is versatile since it will heal your allies or hurt your opponents

Stun Spore: Always nice to paralyze your enemies when you can

Quiver Dance: Give yourself a boost in both Special stats and your Speed

Dazzling Gleam: Strong + STAB and good in team battles as it will hit multiple enemies

Draining Kiss: Not the strongest, but it will give recover a decent amount

Protect: Drive your opponent insane by using this move at the right time


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