MICROID is a New Claymation Styled Sim Worth Your Scientific Analysis

A fun little indie game called Microid is on Kickstarter right now. If you’re a fan of claymation aliens and science experiments, you’ll definitely want to check this game out.

So, first things first: what is a Microid? Well, microids are tiny alien organisms that have come to earth, and it is your job to use trial and error to figure out the perfect combination of germs and radioactive crystal shards to make the microids thrive. this alien bacteria simulator allows you to use scientific method to collect data and feel like a real live scientist, even if you failed high school biology (which I totally didn’t, by the way).

What is most attractive about this game, besides the adorable handmade clay aliens, is the fact that it can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. Sure, you can learn about experimentation and resource management while you grow your own alien race, but you can also use it to distract your nieces and nephews, who will be drawn in by the fun colors and claymation.

I’m backing this project because it lets you geek out about science, while still being a game that anybody can play. I also have respect for a developer who has the ability to make a good game but is using this campaign to make it even better. The developer, Brandon Campbell of Ogden, Utah, is almost done with Microid, but needs a little help making it reach its full potential. If his project is funded, he plans to use the money to add extra features to the game, commission an original soundtrack, and hire designated beta testers.

Contributing $5 gets you the full version of the game on Android, iOS, or PC, plus good Karma and the satisfaction that you helped a fellow geek. And if that’s not reason enough, just look at those adorable little aliens one more time. 

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