WORLD OF WARCRAFT Composer Neal Acree Scores Chinese MMO REVELATION ONLINE—Exclusive Interview

Recent news has announced the exciting new frontier of the games industry in China, as games and consoles from elsewhere in the world have recently been permitted for sale within their country. This has been a huge jump in broadening the horizon of gaming as so many wonderful aspects of Chinese culture influence the world we live in. With this country’s classic style of storytelling, visuals, and music, Revelation Online proves that we are in for some really incredible gaming experiences from that part of the world. 


Developer NetEase reached out to Neal Acree as they love the cinematic feel of World of Warcraft’s music, and wanted to bring his influence into the stylistic palette of Revelation Online. From the beginning of the album to the finish, it tells its own gorgeous story and now I’m super excited to get my hands on the game coming out soon. It’s rare for the soundtrack to hit the market before the game actually does, and honestly I wish it would happen a lot more often!

Tune into this new episode of GameTyrant Audio as I chat with Neal Acree about the creation of this masterpiece as well as his time in China to promote it. We were sure to talk about the range of styles in local Chinese food in that you can get authentic takes on classic dishes all the way to Indiana Jones Temple of Jones style cuisine (although some may even say they’re the same thing, to each their own). They even have their own unique take on KFC! As the show’s first repeat guest, it’s a huge honor to have Neal Acree back on after we last talked about his history with Blizzard and World of Warcraft. 

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