Crafting the Sweet Sounds of MINECRAFT: STORY MODE with Antimo & Welles

As storytelling is at the core of what Telltale Games delivers, the music plays an even more important part in the execution of the experience. I had a good time with Minecraft: Story Mode, but even more than the game itself, I enjoyed the music behind each scene. From building to battling to searching for my lost pet pig, the music did a great job of setting the tone and atmosphere for each setting.

I caught up with Antimo & Welles, the composers behind the music of this series. They talked about how working with Telltale Games has been and how their reference material included musicians like Reggie Watts. Based on what we discussed, Telltale Games really wanted to take a unique and unconventional route to creating the feel for this game. 

Check out their work in Anadel to hear more of their amazing stuff and catch them at one of their upcoming live shows.

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