MONOPOLY Says Goodbye to the Thimble

Hasbro Inc. held a worldwide contest so that players of the famous Monopoly game could choose the eight tokens to be included in the updated version of the game to fit the next generation.

With a count of four million votes last month, voters have rejected the thimble, which was added to the game way back in 1935. The thimble may not be the only piece removed once all the votes are counted. It is said that dogs, cats, and hats are possibly going to be replaced by hashtags, emojis, and various vehicles for the upcoming version.

"We were a little bit surprised that the thimble got among the lowest votes because it's been in the game for so long," stated the senior vice president of marketing for Hasbro Inc., Jonathan Berkowitz.

The contest ran from January 10th to the 31st and had a total of 64 different piece options with the original eight among a new list to choose from. The winners of the vote contest will be announced on March 19 and the board will be created and on store shelves in August of 2017! This contest is the first time ever that Hasbro Inc. has reached out to get a crowdsourced answer to implement the updates to the game in it's 82-year existence!

From the list below, which would eight would you of voted for?