MORTAL KOMBAT 11 Shows Off The Terminator Just Before His Release

A character that wasn’t kept under wraps very well to be in the current Mortal Kombat 11 kombat pack is the terminator, specifically the T-800 series version. While NetherRealm Studios hasn’t officially shown him off until now, he was an anticipated character alongside the Joker and Spawn, but now players are coming to the end of their waiting period. The Terminator will officially become available on October 8th and his reveal trailer shows just how badass he is going to be.

Some aspects in his move set I really wasn’t expecting, like his ability to teleport to the opposite side of the stage, but my favorite moment of the reveal is seeing his fatality. Sending your opponent to the hostile robot infested future to be killed, all after shooting off their legs from the kneecaps, just seems comically harsh. He literally sends you off by an army sized firing squad. An interesting choice was his ability to change from his human form to just his metallic skeletal form, which seems to have a few positive aspects like not being affected by Scorpions spike and being able to absorb damage.

Once we see the T-800 series Terminator in-game, that’s when we can find out if he is as over-powered as he appears in his reveal trailer, but he currently looks like one of the hardest characters to face off against. I guess we will find out next week.