New Herbivore Dinosaur Pack For JURASSIC WORLD EVOLUTION Comes With A Free Update

Allowing players to build and manage their own dinosaur filled park means that new species will occasionally become part of the games growth. It seems Frontier Developments has a strong understanding about this as they have been consistently releasing new content for Jurassic World: Evolution while giving it much needed updates. This well reviewed game launched last year and is still getting new content for players in the form of both free updates and paid downloadable content.

The latest of these updates comes out today and plan to expand the Sandbox mode. Now players will be able to use any island of their choice, given it has been unlocked through the career mode already, when going into the more creative side of the game. Also, players will be able to use sand variants for all islands in this mode, and further customize their parks.

As for the new DLC that is dropping, players can say hello to three new dinosaurs from the Herbivore Pack! The three new dinosaurs included in this pack are:

  • The Dryosaurus: a forest dweller who relies on speed and dexterity for survival, using its stiff tail as ballast to swiftly change direction while running.

  • The Homalocephale: a dinosaur that gets its name from the smooth, even shape of her head. It sports a flat, wedge-shaped skull used as a tool for head-butting.

  • The Nigersaurus: one of the smallest Sauropods discovered. It measures 9 meters long and despite its long neck, the Nigersaurus is a grazer, feeding from plants close to the ground and near riverbeds.

Check out the announcement trailer below to see a quick detailed run down on the three new dinosaurs to be included in the Herbivore Pack. It will be available for all Jurassic World Evolution players today on Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Are you excited to see any of these three dinosaurs being added to the game?