Gorgeous Board Game PARKS Coming Out In October

Board games don’t have to be pretty. If the mechanics are solid and the replay value is strong, then tabletop lovers will flock to box with hungry eyes and twitchy fingers. Occasionally, though, a game will surprise you with breathtaking artwork and stylish finishes. That appears to be the case with the upcoming PARKS.

The adventure, from publisher Keymaster Games, celebrates the U.S. National Parks, and the visual splendor of the country’s wilderness is reflected in the quality of the game’s build. The timelapse video reveals images from the fifty-nine different parks throughout the nation. Vibrant colors feature in every element of the board game. The artwork evokes memories of wandering the forests in Firewatch and the beautiful scenery jumps off the cards.

Just based off the visuals alone, we’re hyped about PARKS, but early buzz suggests the gameplay equals the stellar appearance as well. If it’s that good-looking and a ton of fun to boot, that’s fine by us.

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