NIGHTMARCHERS Is Going To Be A Magical Version Of Mad Max


Post-apocalyptic RPG's are a continuing game plot that never gets old. There are tons of games out there with the same premise, yet all seem to have their own level of uniqueness to them that helps build and keep a games player fan base thriving. This story style is being taken on by an indie team known as Wyrmbyte who are developing Nightmarchers. With their inspirations from Mad Max and a Moana approved location (the Hawaiian Islands), we can look forward to quite an interesting game.

Rather than just having guns, stealth, chaos, and intensity surrounding the gameplay, they are including a magical, or spiritual as they describe it, element to it. Check out the introduction video:

While there isn't a whole lot shown through the introduction itself, it does seem pretty interesting from what I can see here. The ability to change into animals in order to scout or venture through areas that would be otherwise difficult is always an intriguing aspect to me. The good news is that they have shown off some serious gameplay of what it is like to clear an outpost, both successfully and if you were to fail. Check it out:

This really is going to be quite the RPG and multiple aspects from other big titles, including Mad Max and Assassin's Creed Origins, are already shown to be a big part of Nightmarchers. The only thing that isn't shown and will play a big part in how well this game is received by players, including myself, is the story that takes place within the game. Why is it located in Hawaii? What happened that made the world post-apocalyptic? Who are you fighting against? Where does the magical, or spiritual, abilities come from? And how did you get in the position that you are in during this game?

I can't wait for this game to launch and am interested to see how this game turns out. What do you think of Nightmarchers: overdone, interesting, or something else?