Nintendo Switch GPU And Clock Speeds Reportedly Between Xbox One And Wii U Quality

If reports from VentureBeat are to be believed, the Nintendo Switch is closer in processing power to the Xbox One and Wii U than it is the PlayStation 4. Essentially the news is based off the news that the Switch will run on the cheaper Nvidia Maxwell processor as opposed to the recently announced Pascal. Digital Foundry posted a video explaining the nuances between the two for those who wish to get more technical with the information...I have the laymen's meaning below that.

What all that means is Nintendo, as they have the past 4 generations, released a console with lower graphical capability for a cheaper product and new gimmick. I'm not here to tell you how to feel about that, but I am telling you that this console is not next gen. It's a disappointment for those who thought Nintendo was changing the game, but not a surprise to a bulk of Nintendo fans and haters alike. 

Personally, I'm not too surprised by the information. As long as the console is still on par with current gen, I'm fine with that for the time being. I'm not buying a Switch to be my primary console, I want something I can travel with and play some of the better games on the market with. I'm not gonna pay $500 for something to do that, so the Switch presumably scratches that itch for me and others looking for something new. 

Once again this news is not "confirmed" and the DF video is not additional confirmation but rather running with the initially reported article from Venture Beat. I'm not at all surprised if the news is true, but there have been a few rumors leaked from devs in the past year that were incorrect about the Switch. What's your reaction to the rumor?