Nintendo’s Stock Is The Highest It’s Been In 9 Years


Well, we all know that Switch has been doing very well. Extremely well. Nintendo had to apologise when stock was suddenly no longer available in stores when they were almost instantly sold out. Gamestop, amongst many retailers, found themselves having to restock often due to running out from its popularity.

Well the financial reports show that Nintendo really is on the rise again, following its massive drop after the seemingly failed Wii U console. It appears they have redeemed themselves. You can have a look at Nintendo's financial details on The Street yourself, but to summarize for the rest of us non-financial people out there, 3.3% to ¥43,930 was raised. 

Ok, so maybe numbers don't mean so much as stats. The last time Nintendo had such a glorious bank was in November 2008, according to Destructoid


I am going to venture a prediction that the Switch will become Nintendo's greatest selling console for some time to come. I may not have on yet, but I have been watching Switch reviews and the rise in popularity. I may just have to pick one up just to start doing Switch reviews myself. 

What do you think about the Switch's popularity? Will it last long? Let me know.


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