NO MAN'S SKY Subreddit Back Online After Moderator Shuts It Down In A Rage

Those who frequent /r/NoMansSkyTheGame may have noticed they could not access the subreddit last night. Eurogamer reports subscribers were met with the following message when they tried to visit the page...

So I purged the subreddit. It's become a hate filled wastehole of no actual discussion. It's not what we intended it to be and I don't like providing a platform for hate. I'm sorry to everyone who used the subreddit as intended but you are now in the majority. I'm sure you can find a different place to discuss this game. It's not hard.
This was my decision and mine alone. The other moderators tried to sway my opinion but cynicism got the best of me as usual.

The message came from the page owner /u/r0ugew0lf, who then began trolling threads regarding the shut down shortly after it happened. After a ton of Reddit drama the page reopened and another mod provided some clarity to the situation...

Things have been building for ages around here guys. Yesterday morning, I got on Discord and organized a "State of the Subreddit" talk between all of the moderators. It occurred at 8pm EST. Mods in the discussion were /u/secret_online, /u/r0ugew0lf, myself, /u/SDJ67, /u/dr-kaii, and /u/omniqix.

R0uge didn't go rogue and decide this alone. We all sat down on the Discord mod-chat last night and talked for two hours over voice to make the decision. In the end, it was more or less split between a clean wipe, and mod-approved posting only (temporarily).

We held votes, posited other options, and discussed. By the end of it, it was myself, r0ugew0lf, and SDJ67. We gave our positions, and r0uge (being in control of the sub itself), said he'd decide by the end of the night.

That was that. This was all an agreed course of action if decided. The admins did not seize the subreddit. r0uge reached out to them because the next owner of the subreddit under him if he removed himself was an inactive mod. He wanted someone more dedicated to control things, hence /u/Sporkicide.

Could we have been a bit more vocal about this?

Yes, completely, and sorry for the confusion. But we are just trying to get this place to be a friendly community. If only to each other, and not the game.

Ultimately the new moderator in control says he thinks it's best the subreddit reflect the state of the game, which I think everyone can agree is best. Sounds like the former owner wanted nothing but positive comment and there's no sense in letting a vocal minority get their voices heard when so many are upset with the game they purchased. 

Personally, I understand that it's become a meme to hate on the game, but let's not act like it's not unwarranted. Even after they released a couple patches to polish game performance they still have yet to add several promised and advertised features or even provide an official statement to those still supporting them! People are mad and they deserve to be mad. There's no reason to censor people over what a majority of us already know to be true.