Open World Horror Game BLEAK FAITH: FORSAKEN Gets Fully Funded On Kickstarter!

Last month, the indie developers for Bleak Faith: Forsaken held a Kickstarter that reached its goal of $30,000. This means we are sure to see a unique, open world horror game experience unlike any we have ever seen before! The details for the games aren’t directly shown off in the trailers, but thanks to their Kickstarter page, we know everything we could possibly want to about the upcoming game. But first, check out the trailer that brought their project to be such a success:

Although it is currently only planned to launch on PC sometime in Q2 2020, with Early Access planned as early as Q4 2019, the developers have clarified that they desire to get it on consoles not long after its initial release. Mostly focusing on bringing it to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but a console launch is on their road map.

The game itself takes place in an Omnistructure and players take on the role as one of the Forsaken, a legion of hunters condemned to protect the last vestige of humanity. Surviving within one of the last remaining outposts, you are trying to uncover the mystery behind your purpose as you delve deeper into the halls of the manifold. Through this journey, players are sure to find the true meaning of alienation, isolation, and dread.

This cross between cyberpunk and dark fantasy, this game is bringing in quite the mix of art style and gameplay. Expected to be full of tight, souls-like combat, force players to use what they collect to survive, and present a unique ecosystem within the open world exploration, there is sure to be plenty of action to keep players on their toes. Check out some of the gameplay in this short, stealth focused trailer and let us know in the comments what you think of this unique horror experience we have coming in just a few months: