Original DIABLO Now Available On GOG!


As a way to possibly appease fans over the still fresh Diablo Immortal debacle, Blizzard has re-released the original Diablo! Better yet they have released the classic dungeon crawler on GOG.com meaning that it won’t be tied to the battle.net launcher! While Diablo is not as remembered as its critically acclaimed sequel Diablo II it was one of my first online games so I am excited to see it getting some love. Random tidbit, Diablo also received an interesting PS1 port from EA back in the day that featured split screen co-op.

Diablo on GOG comes in 2 flavors, the original release with its original presentation and classic battle.net multiplayer functionality. Or, a remastered version that will support higher resolution and different multiplayer servers. Like all GOG games Diablo will also be DRM free. To add to the excitement of this release Blizzard has also made it known that both Warcraft and Warcraft II will also be coming to the platform soon!

What are your favorite Diablo memories? Share some below!