Petition To Revoke EA's STAR WARS License Nears 150k Signatures

Star Wars B2.jpg

This is a very real petition taking place on The consumers that are so outraged over the recent situation with EA's recently launched title Star Wars Battlefront II that they have created a Petition to Lucasfilm in hopes of removing the Star Wars license from EA completely. Following one of the largest game industry controversy situations immediately after launch, EA did agree to lower the cost to unlock the characters we all know and love by 75%, but that isn't enough for some.

At the time I am writing this up, the petition is at exactly 143,203 signatures (a few hundred, if not a thousand, are likely duplicate emails of the same person signing over and over). That means there is almost 150,000 people that are still upset with the developer even though they are trying to work with the community!


I think this is completely uncalled for and going out of proportion. If you don't like the purchase path, then simply don't buy the loot boxes. If you don't want to earn the characters through gameplay, then what do you want? Just everything unlocked and given to you for free? Want a piece of candy and cheat sheet so you can pretend to be the best star fighter and gunslinger in the game with no effort? Get over it already and realize that you aren't given everything you want right off the bat!

The fairest way to get characters is by earning it. Sure it will cost you hours of your time, but will you not be having an enjoyable time playing the game? I know for a fact that the entirety of the entertainment value is earning characters you want to play as and increasing your personal skill to being above the rest!

I implore you to not sign this petition and if you see anybody supporting it, shut that down immediately. Crybabies will cry louder and louder to get what they want as long as we keep showing them that if they cry just loud enough, we will give in. Enough! Just play the game or sell it, stop whining all day!