POKEMON GO and Go Plus Device Coming Out at the End of July

With about thirty Pokéball throws per second the Pokémon GO field-test has been declared a huge success. With that being said Nintendo and Niantic are pleased to announce that the game is coming out this year sometime at the end of July alongside the Pokémon GO Plus device which is priced at $34.99.

The Plus device is meant to be used at those times where the user is unable to access their phone but still wants to catch a nearby Pokémon. In those cases the GO Plus will react by vibrating and lighting up to indicate a Pokémon’s proximity and the user will be able to press the center button to throw a Pokéball. The center light will change colors in a certain pattern to indicate capture success or failure. 

The beta test includes only the OG Pokémon from the iconic Red and Blue games but the final game will eventually include all however many Pokémon there are to date.

Similarly, a trading system has not been included in the beta but will be added at a later date. Special event Pokémon, such as the Mewtwo in Times Square seen at the end of the trailer, will also be progressively integrated. 

Another thing to note is that this game has an all-new evolution system which will be based on consuming a certain number of Pokémon-specific candy that can be collected from Pokémon you capture, so for once having an army of all the same Pokémon will not be so laughable.  

Watch the full demonstration below:

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