Pop! Sets Up Pre-Order Discount For Their SPYRO AND SPARX Figurine Set


It seems that Activision isn't the only company showing interest in the famous classic dragon hero, Spyro. With the Reignited Trilogy remaster currently in the works, the team over at Pop! decide to provide their own little tribute to the purple dragon.

Set to launch August 31st, Pop! has announced the Spyro collectible figurine to be available worldwide! They won't be launching Spyro alone, but instead the box will contain Sparx, the companion Firefly, to come with him. This two piece item is planned to go for a normal rate of $10.99, but it is currently available for a cheaper price during pre-order.

I've already secured myself one and am expecting to get my Spyro and Sparx set in the beginning of September. The price is a hard one to beat and for any fan of the Spyro series, this is a must have collectible. Plus, it's rare and cute that they remembered to include the companion that helped us collect hundreds, if not thousands, of gems and provide you company through the multiple journeys we've taken. Do you plan on taking advantage of this offer?