PSVR Expands into the Virtual Reality Film Arena this Friday


If like me you thought that PSVR would only be for games...think again. Alyssia Frankland, Marketing Director of a VR development company called Breaking Fourth, has announced on the PlayStation blog that a brand new virtual reality short film will be released for the PSVR this coming Friday. 

Ctrl is about a young gamer called Liam, who is competing in an e-sports tournament. As the stadium comes alive, you find yourself in front-row seats experiencing this fast-paced strategy game first-hand. The atmosphere is tense inside the arena and just as victory seems possible, you discover what Liam is really fighting for…

They believe VR is the best way to bring us into the worlds of film, and I have a feeling this is the first of a whole new era in movies. Pretty soon, others will be playing with this novel idea until it becomes standard. Imagine watching a remastered edition of the movie Troy, where you can rise up into the air as Hercules and stab the enemy down with your sword.

Ok, I might be getting a tad overexcited. If you want to read more about this film before its release on Friday, have a look at Breaking Fourth's site. Here is a teaser trailer:




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