Psychological Horror THE WORKS OF MERCY Releases Launch Trailer


Confusion is one of the best tools to bring horror to almost any scenario. Whether you know what needs to be done or are left guessing can be the difference of a casual walkthrough and a nightmare experience. The only thing that makes it worse is when this confusion comes with dire consequences for being wrong.

Taking advantage of this style of horror is Pentacle in their upcoming title The Works of Mercy. Set to launch June 7th on PC via Steam, this game will put players in a tight spot. Here's the announcement trailer:

With the life of your loved one at stake, how far are you willing to go? In The Works of Mercy, players will be forced to do as they are told by the man on the phone in order to ensure the safe return of their loved one. There will be choices to be made and it's easy to see that there are going to be some morally questionable decisions to make in this story.

Everybody has their limits and it's games like these that like to push those limits as far as they can go. As we found out originally in my interview with Pentacle, each choice you make here will have an effect and the tasks you face will put blood literally on your hands. Are you ready to do whatever it takes to save someone you love?