Racy Sex Game HOUSE PARTY Returns to Steam in Censored Format

How many of you were aware of a sex game that was released in June called House Party? It is a game where you attend house parties and mingle with others while trying to seduce them and inevitable have sex with them. Builds up your social skills or 'A' game, so to speak. You might have missed it, because it was pulled from the Steam store a month later due to massive complaints that the game contained severe pornography.

Of course, no one tells you why they were playing the game in the first place if they didn't want to see sex or such lude actions, but the game was pulled anyway. It's like me walking into an Adult store, seeing all the sex toys and complaining that they have such items available. Or turning on an erotic channel that has a high mature rating and complaining that they show nudity.

Aaaaannnyyywaaaaayyyy...... House Party is back. However, any nudity or sexual acts are now covered up by a censored sign with some tactful text underneath it. Developer Eek! Games has this to say about the matter on their blog:

I’m happy to say that the entire story of the game is 100% in tact [sic], and there have been no changes made to the content of the game. The issue was specifically with the portrayal of sex acts. I know a lot of people are coming down hard on Steam for this, but it was expressed to me during the course of my exchange to them that they are also held to rules and regulations of their own, and they are just trying to do the best they can.

So, you'll know what is happening, but you'll have to use that vivid imagination like you do so well. Eek! Games have stated that this might not be forever though. They may be able to make the proper uncensored game available on other platforms, but for now they have provided a patch outside Steam to allow for the censor to be removed. They really want you to enjoy the game to the fullest. 

Gita Jackson, writer for Kotaku, actually managed to spend some time playing the game and made this hilarious comment:

During my brief time with the game I didn’t get to see any big tity bappos, but the raunchy, Leisure Suit Larry atmosphere was obvious from the get go. And, like most house parties I attend, I attempted to get a girl a drink and a straight edge dude punched me in the head until I passed out.

How do you feel about nudity and pornography in games, even if they were made for a specific target audience? Would you pick up a game like this, or steer very clear of it? Let us know, and please..... censor your comments. 


Source: KOTAKU

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