RESIDENT EVIL 2 Is Getting A Board Game

Steamforged games, the same people who crowdfunded that Dark Souls game awhile back, are looking to strike Kickstarter gold with another video game based board game. This time, they're hoping fans will get behind their tabletop version of the Capcom game, Resident Evil 2

Beyond the announcement that the Kickstarter for the game will launch in Fall of 2017, there isn't anything about what this game will be or how it will play. I played the Dark Souls game awhile back and while it could be fun once you get the hang of it, it felt a little over complicated for someone to just walk up and play...which is a big setback when you don't always have a lot of friends willing to sit down and spend hours learning how to play one game. Ultimately Resident Evil is a simpler concept that I think could translate well to gaming, so I'll keep an eye out for details with this one as we head to Gen Con tomorrow. 

Source: Steamforged Games

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