RESIDENT EVIL 7: NOT A HERO DLC'S New Trailer Brings Chris Redfield Back In Action


After a long delay, Capcom has already set the release date for the free to play expansion of Resident Evil 7 titled Not A Hero two weeks ago. Today, the new gameplay trailer was released and showcased RE veteran Chris Redfield as the main protagonist that will surely be nostalgic to long time fans of the franchise.

The end of the main campaign of RE7 showed Chris Redfield rescuing Ethan Winters, the new character introduced in the series, and the DLC will follow Redfield as he investigates the Baker Mansion. The three-minute trailer showed a much more familiar combat than what was experienced in RE7. There were an assortment of weapons showed, and some punching, that Chris is known to do, whether it be in the form of smacking bio weapons or gigantic boulders.

Though not much was shown, the atmosphere of the game is a little bit reminiscent of past titles, and gives off an “actiony” vibe, however, the expansion will still be played in first person mode. Not a Hero will be released on Dec 12th and will arrive alongside another add on, End of Zoe. Capcom is also set to introduce a Gold Edition of the game, which will contain the base game, the two new DLC’s and all add-ons released in the past.