Naughty Xbox One OVERWATCH Players Will be Muted


Tsk, tsk, tsk... Yes, you know who you are.

The Junkertown map for Overwatch is finally live, by the way! I wish I could say that was the only news, but there's more. As many of you may know (especially the guilty parties), Xbox Live has a system that places a special marker on players with bad reputations. They get labelled as "Avoid Me" so that nice players can, you know, avoid them at all costs.

Well the new patch has a nifty new feature installed. You can still play with these badass bullies online, but they will now be muted. No longer do you have to suffer their swearing or name calling or SOPD (social online personality disorder - yes, I just coined that now). But just because you can't hear them, doesn't mean you won't find yourselfs at the end of their weapons. If they have this "Avoid me" reputation, they will be muted in Overwatch.

If you are wondering why this is suddenly happening now, it isn't so sudden. Blizzard have mentioned time and time again that further development on Overwatch has actually decreased so that they can handle the rising tide of players that verbally abuse other players. Blizzard is hoping this will teach some players self-control and perhaps some respect for our fellow humans.

So be warned, naughty Overwatch players. Keep slipping those terrible words out and you may just find yourself being silenced. I know, I know... sometimes these guys need a good word lashing, but I think the time has come to take it out in another way. 

What do you guys think? Is this new update a good thing long overdue, or is it a dick move? Let me know.



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