Mystery OVERWATCH Reveal Teased By Blizzard

This is probably the most vague article I've written thus far, but that's ok, because so is Blizzard's most recent and cryptic Overwatch social media post. According to folks on social news aggregators a mysterious post surfaced on Blizzard's official Twitter and Facebook accounts over in Australia and New Zealand, a post that hints at some sort of reveal coming up on April 11. The post which has now reached Blizzard's stateside account bares a message about a set of confidential, seven-year old Overwatch mission archives titled, "FILE 00382-KING'S ROW UPRISING" which will become declassified on April 11. Other images can be appreciated in the background but the clearest one is a banner depicting some Omnics and reads, "MANDATORY ROBOT REGISTRATION".  

Although theories abound and the reveal will seemingly be related to the human and Omnic conflict at King's row, how it will relate to Overwatch gampeplay, if at all, is unclear. Is it a new event, a new game mode, or the long-awaited and more recently postponed graphic novel? Who knows! We'll just have to wait and see, and add it with Bayonetta to the list of mystery reveals happening this month.

Watch the brief video here:

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