Retro-Bit Set To Release Its Tribute 64 N64 Controller This May And I Can't Wait To Run It Into The Ground!

Photo Credit: CastleMania Games/Retro-Bit

Photo Credit: CastleMania Games/Retro-Bit

Update: Retro-Bit has confirmed that the Transfer Pak is not supported by the Tribute 64.

Retro-Bit has been on a role with their latest product offerings. From the great Power Stick to the perfect recreation of Sega’s Genesis and Saturn controllers I can’t wait to hear more about what is coming next! Well, the wait wasn’t long because pre-orders for Retro-Bit’s newest Nintendo 64 controller, the Tribute 64, have opened up at CastleMania Games! The Tribute 64 is expected to start shipping mid to late May which is a delay of a couple months over the original anticipated March 29 release date. But, if the quality of the Tribute 64 is anything like the last the wait will certainly be worth it!

First revealed back at CES in January, the Tribute 64 may just be the replacement N64 controller many fans are looking for! The Tribute 64 is inspired by the design of the Hori Pad Mini which many players consider to be the best N64 controller in existence. Due to the Hori Pad’s exclusive release only in Japan the controller has become a sought after collectors item with prices exceeding $100. Retro-Bit’s offering looks set to capitalize on this market with a low cost $25 entry point for N64 models or $30 USB models which will work with PC, Mac, Steam and Nintendo Switch. The tribute 64 will be available in 3 colors at launch for both N64 and USB variants, Scarlett Red, Ocean Blue and Forrest Green.

Each Tribute 64 will come with an extra long 10 ft controller cable, 2 Z buttons and N64 models will be compatible with both Memory and Rumple Paks. Transfer Paks have so far not been mentioned but I reached out to Retro-Bit and I will update the story when I know more. Nintendo worked some form of black magic to make Transfer Paks incompatible with anything but 1st-party offerings so I wouldn’t be surprised if the accessory is a no go. The breaking point for many third party N64 replacements has always been the thumbsticks. It seems Retro-Bit also knows this and is advertising the Tribute 64’s stick as “Sensitive, accurate, and high-quality analog.” As someone who is playing through the entirety of the N64’s North American library I really look forward to testing this claim.

As someone who loves the N64 I am happy to see all the love the console has finally been getting from third-party accessory makers! With Retro-Bit’s recent track record I can’t help but get even more excited about the release of the Tribute 64. Well, time to go pre-order! Also, May, you can get here as soon as you want!

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