The Erotic Horror Genre Continues With LUST FROM BEYOND

The developers behind the short, erotic horror title we reviewed less than a year ago, Lust for Darkness, is continuing the genre with their next title in the series. Movie Games has recently shared a cinematic trailer for the next sexy gore title, Lust from Beyond.

From the first time I heard about Lust for Darkness up until now, it is still crazy to think that they are able to mix erotica with horror in such a way. It is certainly a genre mix that will test even the most open minded players on what they find morally acceptable while presenting scenes you are sure to never forget. I did enjoy their first title, so I have no doubts that Lust from Beyond will be just as good, if not better. Hell, the only complaints I had before was their actual boss set up and the overall game being too short, so if they fix those we could be looking at a controversially top rated horror game!

For now, check out their cinematic trailer for Lust from Beyond and see into the dark ecstasy that they present this time:

From what I can tell, we are actually going to have an interaction with “The sower of Ecstasy and God-King of Lusst'ghaa” and not just the powerful minions that lie within Lusst’ghaa. Unfortunately, there is no launch date announced yet, but you can add Lust from Beyond to your wish list on Steam to get updates as they are released.

What are your initial thoughts after seeing the trailer for their next erotic horror game?