Review — DEVILIAN a Beautiful, Empty Soul

Oh MMOs, let me count the ways! The ways thou hast almost destroyed countless friendships, marriages, and any hope of a divine six pack...

As soon as I heard Trion Worlds was bringing an ARPG-style MMO to the US of A, I was instantly intrigued. Still licking the wounds from the big let down, albeit improving world of Diablo III, I still jump on any opportunity to blast baddies with spells and collect that sweet, sweet loot. Now, let's get this straight. Devilian is an MMO, sort of. It's also an ARPG, sort of. Confused yet? So am I. I can't really tell what the devs were shooting for 100% on this game but the best I can describe it as is TERA, with an isometric view. Quests are about as exciting as clicking next, next, next on a Microsoft Office install and as deep as a mud puddle; This ain't Shakespeare folks.

Yes, you can add friends, join dungeons together, level up, pick your skills,  buy and sell gear; all the standard MMO stuff but it also feels like a semi-watered down ARPG that has a bit of an identity crisis. The best part of all is flinging skills and graphically beautiful spells at all the baddies your way. Don't get me wrong, for a new launch, the game is quite polished and fun to play, just don't expect a revolution but more of an evolution in genres.  I just wish there was a little more exploration and more variety in enemies and encounters.

Graphics and Sound

One of the strongest points of Devilian by far is the artistic and technical achievement in the graphics  department. Lush forests, dank dungeons, and old crypts are the settings you get to smash a whole array of extremely gorgeous enemies in using, you guessed it, extremely flashy skills and spells. One could argue that the art and models are a bit, ummm, sexualized... but you be the judge. If you want to play as a beefy melee stud or bouncing Mage in high heels, the choice is yours. Regardless, it's all beautiful despite a few head shakes. The pervs are going to eat this action up!

On the subject of sound though, it's a little less impressive than the visuals. Yep, the skills are also the most impressive in this arena with a few musical numbers that delight. Overall though, I found it to be quite standard fare.

Fun and Value

As far as eye candy goes, and especially for those who love that distinct South Korean style of characters and fan service, this is a top notch offering that is a breath of fresh air for those tired of the standard fare.  Also, it's free to get started but I highly recommended you invest in a starter pack and become a patron. While this was not the Godsend I was expecting as the ARPG/MMO of my dreams, it's definitely worth a look on a cold, winters night. Keep your expectations in check, unlike myself, and you'll have a wee bit o' fun.  You can get started with the game here.