Trying to find your way through a mysterious place with a curious little character is uneasy enough, but the type of hazards and humanoid creatures bring this game up a notch! Little Nightmares by Bandai Namco is a short, fun, and creepy game to say the least.


Following the style of Limbo and Inside, there isn't a told story to the game and it rather lets you put a story to it yourself. Based on what you go through, you are a mouse sized humanoid trying to escape a ship of creatures that want to kill, and possibly devour, you.


The platforming side of the game was quite difficult and made it fun to complete, and the puzzles were more about finding where to go rather than solving a riddle. The environment played a heavy role on every aspect in the game itself.

The game will start with a creepy atmosphere and tense parts, but as you continue through the chapters it will get more and more intense! Be ready for a few twists regarding how to interact, or avoid, the fat humanoid enemies!

The controls are a little difficult, even after you know the buttons and interaction with the environment can sometimes be frustrating. It's nothing terribly bad, but still noticeable. But you can check out my full playthrough of the game on the GameTyrant YouTube, with part 1 below!


The cartoon-style art for the game doesn't lessen the eeriness of the overall game environment. The humanoid enemies seem to be a joke on what they think of the lazy and rich, as they are all fat, slow, heavy breathing, food shoveling, slobs, with the cooks being no different. There are only three enemies that don't share these characteristics, and that is the first big enemy with slanky arms, the final boss, and the little leeches that you have to avoid.


The music is subtle and sometimes non-existent which was a good choice because the repetitiveness would get annoying while trying to figure out what to do. The sound effects of everything you interact with, enemies, and creatures were very fitting and added to the gross aspects of your foes.


There are a few tasks that you can go back and complete, such as "hugging gnomes." The vague story makes many want to experience the game all over again, so I would say it has a good chance of being played through more than once.

What Could Be Better

The controls could of been better responsively and it was a bit short overall, but that is really my only issue to mention on this game.


The game is short, but amazing! The atmosphere and humanoid enemies gave an creepy, eerie setting and scenery with full room puzzles. I will be making my way back through and plan to 100% this game for sure! Great game and I hope for a sequel, which I further hope will be much longer!