Review — The RAZER LEVIATHAN MINI is a Small Wonder With a Huge Bite

Intro and Design

The number of Bluetooth speakers flooding the market and even the ones that come crashing upon the shores of our desks, is astounding. They range anywhere from so bad they make us cringe to absolutely, unbelievably stellar. As you can imagine, anything coming from Razer, even be it a tiny speaker, I was like a kid on Christmas morning or Adam Sandler on a night of Hanukkah. Pick your Holiday. We were just plan excited ok?!

Immediately, I was stunned at how small this little unit was. Insert joke here. Measuring only 2.12” (L) x 3.34” (W) x 2.16” (H) I laughed a little bit when first handling it. How could something so tiny, really, honestly, produce much sound. The LEVIATHAN MINI is definitely solid and heavy for it's for it's size, I was stoked to put it through the paces and how I did..


Look, Bluetooth speakers usually don't have many frills but it's all about the sonic quality I'm interested in. First off, I threw a huge slew of musical selections at this small beast and my ears perked up and jaw dropped. There may have been a bit of drool as well. A bit. The quality of highs, mids, and to even an extent, lows were undeniably rich. Shaking my head, I cranked the volume even louder and then I was just in awe. Look, my ears can only tolerate so much but even in a large room, I couldn't crank the sound to 100%! When I say loud, I mean LOUD. The LEVIATHAN MINI is certainly loud and proud.

The engineering behind this little box of wonders is just impressive across the board. After enjoying a handful of tracks, I hooked up the box to my PS4 and Sound BlasterX G1 sound card and lo and behold, Uncharted sounded absolutely fantastic. We live in a wondrous time where a speaker this small can produce so much sonic goodness. Color me impressed. 

Value and Conclusion

Out in the wild, the RAZER LEVIATHAN MINI is around $179.99 which is definitely fair especially if you looking for a quality product with the loudest sound levels we've heard to date. Not only is it loud, the sound is balanced and rich, only distorted a tiny bit on the low end at the loudest volumes. If you are looking for compact size, stellar design, and ear blasting volume with quality sound balance, this is your horse. Check out more specs and pics on the official page here