Review: SUPERHOT PS4 Edition

Action FPS games always have cool moments that you wished could get a slow-mo recap for. This feature was turned into a cool, time-moves-when-you-move style game called SUPERHOT!

The ability to take your time to plan your moves, which quickly proved necessary based on the games difficulty, and make sure you get through each stage alive! It is also offered in VR, both PSVR and HTC Vive, which would prove to be a version that would be even more fun!


At first it doesn't seem to have one, but the short game features a fourth-wall, mind-control style breakdown of how the game itself felt about you constantly entering it's world and killing the red guys.


As I mention before, the game features a time-moves-when-you-move style gameplay. This means that if you aren't moving, time is going incredibly slow, but when you take a step forward the time speeds up. This proved to be more challenging than it sounds since you have to watch where people show up constantly and try not to get caught off guard!

It also took a lot of strategy to get through the campaign as you are constantly in tiny areas and where the guys show up is randomized, aside from the ones already in the room upon start of game.

After the campaign, you unlock Endless mode which is where the real game is at! You can play for as long as you can last, constantly doing slow-mo moves that you can't wait to see sped up. Once you die, there is a replay of how well you did going full speed as the retry title pops up! Unlike the campaign mode where it put "Super" and "Hot" on the screen to block the replay, this one is practically unblocked!

Here's me playing a chunk of the story, which I surprisingly came to the end sooner than I expected:


It looks like the game is based in different areas before the polishing and coloring, giving it a full white appearance while enemies stuck out as bright red and throw-able objects as dark gray. It was a good fit and contrast to give the experience of a first person shooter that doubles as a strategy, survival.


There wasn't a lot of music, most of the time I don't think there was any. I don't think it was a bad thing though because I was focused on how to beat the level more than anything. Music could of been distracting for that.


The game has a couple mini games in it as well, but more than anything I can see Endless mode being playing constantly; always trying to get a better score.

What Could Be Better

I would of liked a longer campaign mode that slowly brought you to the conclusion rather than the quick path taken. A boss would of been a cool feature as well, given the slow-mo game style.

Final Verdict

The game is a lot of fun and I plan to get at least to 100 on the Endless mode some day!

"It was like playing a mind game featuring John Vick in slow motion."