RISK OF RAIN 2 Out Now For Consoles!

Many developers wish their games would get the same level of love and feedback as Risk of Rain 2, and now the wunderkind of the multiplayer roguelike world is out for consoles. Be prepared to die. A lot. But the grind is part of the joy as you either adventure alone or with others online in an effort to strengthen your character and your resolve. It will not be easy to escape the planet. It will be fun, though. Its predecessor was a good game, but a new dimension and more characters has expanded the reach of the series.

More action, more death, more loot. Hopoo Games has got a smash hit and, with access for console players, I won’t be surprised if the player base grows a lot. The game’s Steam page will prove just how adoring the fans are, as over 25,000 reviews have it begged in the desirable “Overwhelming Positive” category. If you’ve been waiting for the next multiplayer roguelike in your life, this is it.

Let us know how the shooting and looting goes for you.

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