Rumor: Is A Disc-less Xbox One S In The Works?


Is Microsoft working on releasing a new Xbox One S model that will feature no disc drive? According to a new article on Thurrott they are, along with some other interesting things. Now this new Xbox One model is not to be confused with Microsoft’s next gen hardware code named Scarlett. According to the report, this new model of Xbox One is intended to lower the cost of entry into the Xbox One family by launching at a price point under $200 dollars. The report further details that a disc-to-digital trade-in program could also be in the works for adopters of this new model who might already own several physical games. Basically players would take their physical media to a participating retail store and swap it straight across for a digital download code.

The report also makes mention of another, more traditional, Xbox One S redesign to further slim down the current Xbox One S while retaining the disc drive. The rumor concludes that we may see these new models of the Xbox One S as early as Spring of 2019, so if they are true we can expect an announcement fairly soon. As with all rumors take this with a grain of salt until official confirmation occurs. I wouldn’t personally be too surprised if this rumor turns out to be factual, as most of this generation we have seen the decline of physical game sales. Combine this with the success of Xbox Game Pass, and Microsoft may have come up with a bargain to get a ton of great games for as cheap as possible. What are your thoughts on a disc-less console?