Rumor: STARCRAFT Getting Official Remaster Sometime This Summer

Sources out of South Korea are saying that an official Starcraft remaster is coming sometime this Summer. The rumor, which originated from Sports Seoul, claims that insiders were first told the news sometime around Blizzcon 2016 and that an official announcement could be coming as soon as next week. The game is said to be similar in mechanics to Starcraft: Brood War

We've seen this rumor floating around before, and Blizzard has denied stuff like this in the past. South Korea is crazy about their Starcraft so if Blizzard was going to do an announcement it would most likely be there, but what does that mean for the rest of the world? We'll keep an eye out next week and let you know if this one pans out or not. Would you be excited to jump back into Starcraft? 

Source: Team Liquid