Rumor: Terry Crews Might Voice A New Character In OVERWATCH

There's some speculation afoot that actor Terry Crews will be voicing an unannounced upcoming character for Overwatch. Crews, who recently stated in a Reddit thread he would love to do voice work for the game, was at Blizzard's headquarters this week according to Gamespot

The original Reddit thread revolved around the character DoomFist and requesting that Terry Crews do the voice if the character is actually going to be in the game. Crews responded to the thread immediately stating he would love to do as much and the rest is history. 

For those not up on their Overwatch lore, DoomFist is the mysterious overlord behind the villains in the game. It's also worth mentioning that the name DoomFist belongs to whomever wields the mighty weapon, and not any specific person. Currently, there are 3 Doomfists in existence, but only one is currently active. 

I would love to see Terry Crews in any video game so I'm all for this! We'll keep you updated if anything official comes out in the coming weeks!