Rumor: WB Montreal Working On BATMAN Game Centered On Damian Wayne

Big rumors spurring out of a canceled game project from Kotaku today. "Sources" say that WB Montreal, who was rumored to be working on a Suicide Squad video game for a couple years now, have canceled the project and are now onto making a game centered around Batman's son, Damian Wayne. 

The game was to be announced this month supposedly, but due to management changes the game likely won't be announced until sometime in 2017 if the rumor is to be believed. 

WB Montreal is known for their release of Batman: Arkham Origins which received mixed reviews and is largely remembered for its colossal failure of a port to the PC. 

A game featuring the current Batman would be interesting, although I'm wondering how Damian will be emphasized in the game. Would he be the main character, or would you switch control between him and Batman? It's an idea I'm definitely excited to hear about if the rumor pans out. I'm crossing my fingers that it does!