See Footage From The Cancelled METALLICA PS2 Game DAMAGE INC.

Metallica was busy in the early 2000's. They were battling Napster over downloads of their music, recording an album, making a documentary for that album, and now we learn they were also making a video game for that album. Metallica: Damage Inc. was intended for release primarily on PS2, with releases on Xbox and PC on the board as well. 

The game never saw the light of day, but some rough development footage did! PTOP on Youtube managed to serve us 7 1/2 minutes of gameplay footage which looks a lot like Twisted Metal meets Mad Max? There's only one level to see but a ton of information spewed out over the audio commentary. If you look closely in some areas you'll catch a glimpse of what looks like a post-apocalyptic James Hetfield. 

If you remember, the group did release a game in 2009 with Guitar Hero featuring a bulk of their library. Just watching the footage makes me nostalgic!