See The Evolutions Of The Starters And Unlock "Ash Greninja" In POKEMON SUN And MOON

There's so much to talk about in this new trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon I couldn't put it in the title! For starters (literally), we saw the first evolutionary forms of the Pokemon you will start off with in the game. Rowlet becomes Dartrix, Litten becomes Torracat, and Popplio becomes Brionne. Minus Dartrix (who looks like Matt Smith playing The Doctor), I can't say I'm a fan of these evolutions, but that's all a matter of opinion.

Moving on we also learned that Lucario, Khangaskhan, and others will have Mega Evolutions. Khangasskhan's is probably the most hilarious because all that happens is her baby becomes a kid!

We learned of a plaza that will allow other trainers to meet up and play mini-games together for prizes. Not much other detail is revealed but it looks cool. 

Finally, it was announced that the official demo for Pokemon Sun and Moon will be releasing October 18th! Those who download the demo will be able to go through a part of the game with a Greninja who you will be able to transfer to your full game when it releases! This Greninja, in particular, becomes similar to Ash's Greninja in the show if you form a special bond to it as if you needed any other incentive for a free Greninja. 

Pokemon Sun and Moon launches November 18th.