Solve The Mystery In SENSE: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story Game


Upcoming horror game Sense by developers Suzaku have teamed up with publishers Top Hat Studios in order to bring a game that hopes to return the genre to its roots by celebrating visceral horror and the slow, fearful creep of dread. Although inspired by titles Clock Tower and Fatal Frame, Sense takes place in 2083 Neo Hong Kong, a cyberpunk dystopia.

Players will take the role of Mei Lin Mak, a young woman that is dragged into a maelstrom of supernatural horror. As she begins to solve an old mystery, she will be forced to question her perception of reality and her trust of her cybernetic eyes. Search through the ruins of the Chong Sing Apartments and piece together the stories of 14 lost souls to discover the truth of her own family curse.

Sense is set to launch on Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch after hosting a Kickstarter that reached over 600% their desired goal. This achievement of reaching their goal by sixfold also means they will include voice acting and two bonus chapters that will release as free, post-launch DLC’s! Check out the trailer for yourself and then head over to their Steam page to try out their free demo that is currently available for excited and curious players: