STAR FOX is Going to Be Insanely Well Polished

Last month, Nintendo and Platinum Games announced that they were delaying Star Fox Zero until early 2016 in order to "add more polish". Well last week Platinum Games, the studio behind the widely well received Bayonetta 2 has stated that this new entry in the Star Fox franchise is already running at 1080p and at a buttery-smooth 60 frames-per-second not only on your television, but on the Wii U gamepad! That is an impressive feat that has yet to be accomplished with the screen on Nintendo's tablet-like controller. If we can already expect a game with that kind of gloss, I can't wait to see what the wizards over at Nintendo have in store for us at launch! I absolutely love the original Star Fox on the Super Nintendo, and I'm happy that Nintendo is going back to it's roots on this one.

Source: Gamespot

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