STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT Launch Trailer Kicks Ass

After having the single largest open beta in existence, DICE and EA Games are getting ready to blow our minds in a galaxy far, far away! I'm crazy amounts of excited for Star Wars Battlefront to come out. While I might be a bit burnt out on 20-vs-20 on Hoth and the 2-player survival on Tatooine, I'm definitely not done kicking some Stormtrooper ass. The new launch trailer shows off some new locales we haven't seen, as well as gameplay with the new champions that were announced last week. Plus, with our first glimpse at Endor, I can't help but hope they put back in the Ewok hunt from Battlefront II... That was just some good, clean fun. Maybe a Gungan hunt for good measure?

Star Wars Battlefront launches November 17th on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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