STAR WARS: JEDI KNIGHT II And JEDI ACADEMY Coming To The Nintendo Switch And PS4 But Not Xbox One?


Praise the Maker two of the best Star Wars titles ever made are getting re-released on modern platforms well some modern platforms at least. Announced last light during the Nintendo Direct, Star Wars: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast is indeed coming to the Nintendo Switch later this month. It was then revealed later that the title would also be making its way to the PS4 and that its sequel Jedi Academy would follow for both platforms in 2020. Both titles are going to support gyro aiming on the Switch while Jedi Acedemy will also feature its classic multiplayer modes. Which makes me less mad that multiplayer isn’t being included in Jedi Outcast. The ports of both titles are being handled by Aspyr notable for numerous game ports to Mac.

I must admit I find it odd these titles aren’t getting released on the Xbox One. Disney and Lucasfilm have had no problems working to get prior Star Wars titles up and running on Microsoft’s backwards compatibility program in the past. In fact Jedi Academy is already playable in 4K on the system through that program! perhaps that is a reason why Jedi Academy is being skipped on the platform? But if that was the case what about Jedi Outcast which isn’t part of the program and will now not be available for Xbox players? I just find this decision puzzling more than anything.

What do you all think?