SYSTEM SHOCK 3 Has A New Alpha Footage Trailer And It Looks Like Everything I Always Wanted From A Sequel!

System Shock 3 is one of those titles you never expect to actually happen. After the number of years it has been since the second hope begins to fade away and the franchise sinks into a realm of nostalgia. But System Shock 3 does now exist and even better it is out next year with the help of its original producer Warren Spector! Earlier this year during GDC, we got a brief glimpse of the title as it was reintroduced and despite the limited visual quality from the pre-alpha footage, the atmosphere was undoubtedly System Shock. Now, Otherside Entertainment has released more pre-alpha footage showcasing even more than before! Check it out above.

My first takeaway was how much further the visuals have come since the GDC trailer. Enemies, atmosphere, SHODAN, it all looks so cool. This trailer also gives us some looks at a few of the games weapons and freaking yes the wrench is back! Much like the crowbar from Half-Life, the wrench in System Shock 2 has become its own iconic piece. Wrench only runs are a challenge many attempt to pull of and they are quite interesting to watch. Speaking of SHODAN, the rogue AI narrates the entire trailer and yes it does its job at being exceptionally creepy!

What did you all think of the new trailer and are you excited for System Shock 3?