Tech Spotlight — Emotiva Airmotiv 3b Compact Bluetooth Speakers Will Rock Your World

Tiny Footprint, Massive Sound

These days, compact Bluetooth speakers are a dime a dozen so when I received the EMOTIVA AIRMOTIVA 3B speakers, I wasn't expecting much. Upon taking these little babies out their box, I immediately noticed they are extremely solid for how small they are measuring only 5-1/2” deep x 6-3/4” high x 4-1/8” wide, I was quite shocked. Even more hesitant, I paired up my iPhone via Bluetooth with no issues and started jamming some tunes. What in the name of all that is holy?! These things ROCK! When only at 50% volume, they completely filled the room with rich, lush sound. I honestly couldn't believe my ears as I threw everything from Elle King to Skrillex to Daft Punk at them, the 3b's handled it all with ease.

Ignore the Mac. No one games on Mac. AMIRIGHT? 

Ignore the Mac. No one games on Mac. AMIRIGHT? 

Gaming Bliss

With a newly found excitement, I tried a little experiment: As I've been playing through the Uncharted series again, I used the line in connection and hooked my PS4 via the new Sound BlasterX G1 Sound Card and the game absolutely came alive. So yeah, a even on this small set of speakers, they cracked with gunfire, sang with the incredible soundtrack, and rendered the stunning voice acting with perfect clarity. Truly, these little beasts and more than meets the eye.. /Transformers reference off.

Tjhe EMOTIVA AIRMOTIV 3B retails for $199. You can check out the full specs and product page right over here