The Beta For FALLOUT 76 Will Come To The Xbox One First

On E3 last week, Bethesda revealed Fallout76 as the next installment in the Fallout franchise. The studio also announced that the hame will be the series’ first fully online title, discarding the traditional format of previous Fallout titles, which makes me wonder if Bethesda abandoned the SavePlayer1 campaign they started during last year’s Video Game Awards. 

Now, in an FAQ at the official website for the game, Bethesda revealed that the beta test for Fallout76 will be released first on the Xbox One before heading to the PlayStation 4 and PC. Currently, the beta doesn’t have a release date on any of the platforms yet, but the company stated that the schedule will be announced through the game’s official social media channels. 

Players can only participate in the beta by pre-ordering the game before it is released on November 14. You can check out the FAQ for Fallout76 here, and the official announcement of Fallout76 here. What are your thoughts on Fallout76? Should it be a full online game? Or should Bethesda stick to what they’re good at?

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